About Our Vineyard

Haze Gray Vineyards sits on an 85-acre farm nestled at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We planted our first grapes in the spring of 2015. Our vineyard consists of nine acres of grapes. We grow nine varieties of grapes.


Chardonnay is a green-skinned grape used in the production of white wines.  Chardonnay produces a mild flavor profile.  Commonly the Chardonnay wine that is produced tends to be a medium to light body with flavors varying based on where the grape is grown.  The flavors can range from green plum, apples and pears in cooler climates to citrus, peach and melon in the warmer climates or even more tropical notes in very warm climates.

Pinot Grigio is a white wine grape but has the skin color of Rose / grayish-blue.  The wine produced from this grape can varying in color from deep golden yellow to even a light shade of pink.   The flavors can range from ripe tropical fruit notes of melon and mango.  Wine style produced from this grape can vary.  Pinot Gris style comes from Alsace region in France while Pinot Grigio comes from the northeastern part of Italy. Pinot Gris is not only rich, but wine lovers feel it is sweeter in comparison to Grigio. Grigio, on the other hand, is much crisper than Gris though it is lighter and less sweet (dryer) than Gris.

Traminette is a hybrid white grape which is the cousin of the German Gewurztraminer grape.  The Traminette, like its cousin, produces wine with floral notes, apricot and aromas of roses.


Merlot is a dark blue-colored grape that is used both in blending and making varietal wines.  Merlot is one of the primary grapes used in Bordeaux wine.  It is the most popular red wine varietals in many markets.  Wines tend to be full in body with velvety tannins. Flavors include plum, cherry, and blackberry.

Chambourcin is a French American hybrid grape.  It is a very productive grape which produces a deep-colored and aromatic wine.  It can be made into a dry style or one with a moderate residual sugar level.  The juice from the Chambourcin grape is pink or red rather than clear like most red vinifera grapes. Chambourcin wines are often spicy, with black cherry and plum flavors as well as a range of herbal characters.

Petit Verdot is a red grape which has small fruit with thick-skinned berries with a rich deep color.  This variety of red wine grape principally used in classic Bordeaux blends.  Due to the high levels of anthocyanins in the berry’s thick skins, Petit Verdot wines tend to have a dense, inky, violet-black appearance.  They also have high tannin levels. The wine tends to have aromas of vanilla, smoke, spice and molasses.  The flavors are often dense, dark fruit, blackberry, black cherry and black plum.

Cabernet Franc is one of the primary grapes used in Bordeaux wine.  It is also used in varietal wines.  It’s aroma can include tobacco, raspberry, bell pepper and violets.  Cabernet Franc tends to be more lightly pigmented than Cabernet Sauvignon but similar in intensity and richness.  Flavors tends to have a more pronounced perfume with notes of raspberries, blackcurrants, and violets.

Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the world’s most widely recognized red wine grapes.  Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the primary grapes used in Bordeaux wine.   The wine produced tends to be full-bodied with high tannins and noticeable acidity that contributes to the wine’s aging  potential.  In cooler climates, Cabernet Sauvignon tends to produce wines with black currant notes along with green bell pepper notes.  In moderate climates the blackcurrant notes are often seen with black cherry and black olive notes while in hot climates the currant flavors can veer towards the over-ripe and “jammy” side.

Tannat is a red wine grape that is traditionally used as a blending grape with its blue-black skins.  Wine made with the Tannat grape is notable for its very high tannin levels.  The wines typically spend 20 months in oak prior to its release.  A French Tannat is characterized by its firm, tannic structure with raspberry aromas and the ability to age well.