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2019 Chardonnay Stainless Steel

100% Stainless Steel

Tasting Notes: Crisp, Apple, Asian Pear

$20.00 / bottle

Award: 2021 NC State Fair GOLD Medal

2020 Traminette Dry

Tasting Notes: Dry, Floral Notes, Apricot, Lychees, Pear

Awards: 2021 NC State Fair SILVER Medal

2021 Atlantic Seaboard Competition BRONZE Medal

$19.00 / bottle

2019 Traminette (Semi-Sweet)

Tasting Notes: Semi Sweet, Floral, Honey, Apricot

$18.00 / bottle

2017 Merlot

Tasting Notes: Medium Body, Light Oak, Currants, Cherry

$21.00 / bottle

2018 Chambourcin

Tasting Notes: Black Cherry, Black Pepper, Medium Oak, Low Tannins

Awards: 2021 NC State Fair SILVER Medal

2020 Great American International Wines Competition GOLD Medal

2019 NC Fine Wines Society SILVER Medal

$18.00 / bottle

Aviator Red 2018-2019

A new vintage release of our Award Wining Aviator Red.

A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Tannat, Chambourcin, Cabernet Franc

Aged for three years Aviator Red is spicy, Black Cherry, Raspberry, medium tannins, smooth to the mouth, and long finish

Awards: 2021 NC State Fair BRONZE Medal

Bronze at the 2021 Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition

$25.00 / bottle

2017 Petit Verdot

Tasting Notes: Petit Verdot is a French varietal. Aged for two years in French Oak barrels, this Petit Verdot has deep, rich color and flavors: Floral, black fruit, herbal notes, deep tannins.

$31.00 / bottle

BLOSSOM LINE (Our Sweet Line)

Peach Blossom

Tasting Notes: Peach, Floral Honey

$19.00 / bottle

Cherry Blossom

Tasting Notes: Smooth, deep sweet wine with flavors of Black Cherry

$19.00 / bottle

Blackberry Blossom

Tasting Notes: Smooth, deep flavors of Blackberries, with a hint of tartness, Cherry, and Lavender

$19.00 / bottle